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The Chronic Typist 2.0: A Long-Awaited Return & Revamp

Landis, a white demiguy wearing noise canceling headphones and glasses, smiles lightly at the camera. Next to him is a white poodle named Jack who is looking off into the distance. You can barely see his eyes because his adorable eyebrows hang over them akin to curtains.

Edit: The site is still under construction so things are changing left and right. Things might only be that way as a place holder, typos might be rampant, images may be wonky, etc. Please don’t mind our mess. We are working as fast as our body will allow ☺️

Hi all👋 It’s been a while…2 years in fact. With my ever-fluctuating health, the pandemic, and a slew of intrapersonal happenings my blog got pushed not just to the back burner, but all the way off the stove. So let me reintroduce myself; My name is Landis. I’m transmasc non-binary, bi-romantic, and asexual. I am disabled and neurodivergent, as well as mentally ill. Some days are harder than others. Imagine waking up and every move you make feels like fighting quicksand. Other days feel so good they must be a trick or a trap. But you’ll take what you can get because super good days are highly unusual. My life is a delicate balance of medications, infusions, and procedures. Even more important are adequate sleep, hydration, and nutrition. Let the scales tip too far in any one direction and the whole thing falls apart.

During one of these flares, when my scales were wildly off and I was bored out of my mind but unable to move without vomiting, I decided to check up on this website. Reading through the old posts and seeing the improvement in my writing, my change in mindset, my emotional/spiritual growth. It reminded me that my blog was something that brought me true joy. We’re taking this baby back to it’s roots. It’s existance is for me. To tell my story, give my opinions, share my interests. I’m going to be branching out into different topics other than disability and the healthcare system. I’ll try to keep a consistent post-schedule, but no promises😉 So, stick around. You never know you just might come across something interesting.

P.S. The dog in the picture is Mr. Jack Fairy, my roommate found him in his work’s parking lot and Jack practically leapt into his arms. So we now have a bashit crazy, supper sweet, attention whore of a cotton ball. Literally, one of the chillest, cuddliest dog I’ve ever met.

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