My name is Brenna. Three years ago I received a Traumatic Brain Injury, it changed my life. Migraines, dizziness, nausea, troubles concentrating and remembering; I was losing my mind with all the hospital stays and doctors appointments. I have tried drug after drug with none seeming to work. I’m finally on a mix of medications that seem to make enough of a difference for me to function. Except now I have to deal with increased dizziness, fainting, falling, and more. I have something called Dysautonomia. It is a dysfunction of the autonomic system. This is the system that controls things like breathing, heart rate, blood pressure etc. My blood pressures gives me hell too. Dropping down to non-recordable levels if I stand for too long or right after standing up. I also have been having a hell of a time with my GI tract. Mainly constant nausea, lack of appetite, stomach cramping, and vomiting. My GI has run a few test but all have come up negative. At this point I can’t seem to maintain a weight let alone gain anything so my Cardiologist is attempting to get me on IV saline via home health to at least get some more fluids in me.

Moving on to non-medical things. I used to be in colorguard which I love dearly with my whole heart. My accident interfered though and forced me to quit, leaving me to binge episodes of Dancing With The Stars and watching DCI videos to fill the void. I have two dogs Rocket and Buster, a wiener dog and a chi-wienie respectively. They are trouble makers but know when I need a good snuggle. I also have a decrepit old cat who loves to sleep above my head at night and give me allergy attacks. My family is great and is the most supportive system I could have. I’d lose my sanity without them. My quirks tend to draw in people with good souls and we enjoy our uniqueness together. Like my best friend who has stuck by my side since freshman year of high school, to be specific. I thank my lucky stars every day for her.

I’m in love with coloring books, they’re the only thing that relax me and don’t aggravate my headaches. Art is my getaway- painting, drawing, glitter. I have also begun my journey to becoming a famous ukulele player; if only I can remember how to make my hands do two different things at once! Writing is my passion, while I’m a horrid speller, my voice always seems to make it’s way into my work flowing from page to page. I am trying to get my reading-legs? -eyes? back, so suggestions are appreciated. But remember, I am starting off on manga because I can’t quite take a full chapter book of words flooding my brain yet; nothing so dense yet please.

Know that you know a little bit about me, read up to get the basics on the day to day life and inspirations of a chronically ill teenage blogger.