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Peace and The New Year

Lets just scratch out January and pretend February is the first month of the year, OK?

This year I am trying out a word of the year. My word is PEACE. Peace of mind. Peace of body. Peace of heart. I am using The Mighty’s 52 Small Things plan of achieving one small goal or task a week. Then, the next week achieving another small goal/task along with continuing the previous weeks’.

So, I used those abstract ideas about peace mentioned above, to figure out some larger goals I wanted to accomplish. 1) Improve my physical health 2) Improve my mental health 3) Focus on my education more. Then I broke them into mini accomplishable goals and made a little plan for January. And it failed miserably. I spiraled in January; I had symptoms flare and my exhaustion came out to play yet again. I did not accomplish much except go to many, many doctor’s appointments.

So, I am hoping February works out better. Having a visible and viable plan that is also flexible as the year goes on is so much less stressful than saying: Here’s 5 absolute tasks that you need to get done by next year argghh! Because I can change my goals to fit what I didn’t accomplish last month, I can change my plan to work around my flares and bad days. So, google The Mighty’s 52 Small Things if you want. They even give you ideas for tasks. I hope everyone is as well as possible starting out the new year, even though it is already one month in.😊 💕

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