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Love, Me

So, because it is National Coming Out Day I decided to finally watch the movie Love, Simon. I’ll be honest with you, I had to pause the movie 3/4 of the way through. From the scene where Simon was outed on, I could not stop crying. I was sobbing. Now I know that Simon was a white, middle-class male and had supportive friends and loving parents that accepted him. So he should be fine, right? If you answer is yes then you missed the point by a mile. Coming out is a struggle for many LGBTQ+ people. For others, they find it easier. Maybe they never had to ‘officially’ come out to their family because it just was the way it was. But the most important thing is, is that coming out is YOUR choice. You are supposed to be able to decide on your terms who knows, when they know, and how they know. I had a breakdown because it physically hurt me when Simon had to explain to Martin, the person who outed him, why he was so upset with him. Taking away someone’s right to come out on their terms, that is cruel. I have a loving, supportive family. I am white. I am middle class. I appear ‘feminine’. These factors help me. That does NOT mean I don’t struggle every minute of every day with the concept of acceptance. With the fact that I came out a week ago and I am still freaking the hell out. But think about the young transgender black girl who was kicked out of her house because she came out to her parents. Maybe the only safe haven for her is her best friend’s house. Maybe she gets called ugly names at school. Maybe she gets death threats from strangers on the street because she doesn’t look ‘feminine’. Because trust me, America’s view on what femininity ‘should be’ is twisted af, but that’s a whole other post. The thing is, those factor make it harder for her. She is at a higher risk of being assaulted, or being killed for who she is. Coming out is a way of announcing yourself to the world. Some people do it and are proud, others agonize over the decision, and some feel like they don’t have to and that only the people that matter need to know. Whatever your decision and however you feel about it, it is YOUR choice. Do NOT take that away from someone, please. You are risking their safety as well as hurting them deeply. So, keep that in mind and go watch Love, Simon if you want to cry your eyes out and end up an emotional wreck. I highly recommend it. Also happy National Coming Out Day to those out and proud, those thinking about leaving that dark place, and those still not yet ready for the world to know ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

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