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A Decisive Return

It has been a while, I know. A lot has happened in these past few months and we will eventually get to that; but first I want to give a brief explanation as to why I took a hiatus longer than I had expected too. I needed to recover. And I wasn’t healing like I thought I should. My body needed more time than originally thought. Because of that my mental health started to decline. I was isolated, in constant pain, unable to move well. I pushed myself on a family trip and paid for it greatly for weeks afterward. I thought I could handle what was obviously a strain on my body and it just made me recede deeper into myself when I had to face the consequences. So this long hiatus hasn’t just been to heal physically, but also mentally. And while physically, I am feeling stronger everyday my mental road to health is just beginning. Isn’t ‘Step One’ always to recognize the problem? Well I have, I am taking decisive steps towards a solution now. And for those that may ask why I have returned while still struggling with my mental health; writing is cathartic. It has always been a creative release for me and it is key in helping me gain control over my mental health. I hope to write more posts soon, I have some great ideas planned out to get you guys interacting!

Love and Spoons

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