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Sympathy the Shame Slayer

I am trying something  a bit different. I hope you all like it or get something from it or that it makes you feel something. I am in no way even a amateur, I am like below that. But I am trying to better my poetry, and putting it out there is one way to do it.

This is about how amazing it feels and how it can help so much when someone simply offers their kindness and aid to you when you are struggling. And how it can diminish that feeling of guilt surrounding asking for help. So here it is:

Sympathy the Shame Slayer

You lounge atop my shoulder,

Stitched into my thoughts.

I am hemmed in by your every word;

Regrettably, inked is my heart.


Occasionally, you’ll pitch your tacks.

In my gut, they come to rest.

They burrow deep black hollows,

Sewing seeds of guilt, regret.


Twisting, I lift my head,

There! The silvery silhouette!

She lifts me to my feet,

A whisper, “No, we can’t have that”


She envelops you with hands so tender.

You melt against her skin.

Lifting you to her, she brushes

Lips against your forehead.


My heart restored, no, reconstructed

With its argent core secure.

No more little monster threatening

Condemnation on assistance overtures.

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