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Planning A Hospital Stay…For Once

As the date of my surgery closes in, it is important that I finalize my plans for my hospital stay and recovery. Things like checking to make sure the hospital’s pharmacy carries all the medications and supplements I take, or checking if I need to bring my own supplements. Ensuring I have actual shampoo for when I am able to shower and  making sure I have the right kind of clothes for after surgery and during recovery (as I won’t be to fond of underwire or stiff fabrics that will rub on my incisions). Also, making sure I have a medical ID bracelet ready and waiting for me when I get home. These things need to be planned out to a ‘T’ before I am lying in a hospital bed, loopy on pain medication, and unable to remember my name. So with that being said my hospital ‘go bag’ needed a little updating.

As a spoonie I have a hospital bag packed with the necessities, ready to go at all times. These necessities include: two full changes of clothes, a new toothbrush and travel sized toothpaste, a hairbrush and dry shampoo (and plenty of hair ties), travel sized shampoo and conditioner and body wash, extra pairs of fuzzy socks for my always freezing feet, lotion, hand sanitizer, a pencil sharpener, some colored pencils, a coloring book (when I leave for my surgery I am going to switch out the current one to my Buffy the Vampire Slayer one),  and a puzzle-in-a-bag that you can reseal so you can travel with it.  And of course I always bring a blanket from home because again, I am always cold and I can never have enough hospital blankets.

With the bag check and update down, and after getting a handful of  bandeau bras that hopefully won’t irritate my incisions as they heal, I can now focus on a few more last minute things. Most importantly scheduling with my GI doctor. I need to see what he has to say about my weight and then bring it up to my surgeon and see what he has to say. It is concerning that none of my medical team seems to be taking notice of how drastic a weight loss I went through; the only people getting worried are my family. Even more so I haven’t been able to gain any of it back, and with a surgery looming in the future I can’t say I’m not wondering about the effects a procedure will have on my body in such a state. But that’s another reason I am calling my surgeon after meeting with my GI, to ensure nothing will interfere with my procedure or my body’s ability to handle it.

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