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A Little Work, A Little Pain


I got outside and did something today!! I helped cut down branches of some eucalyptus (a put in a pic for you guys in case you have never seen one, p.s. koalas eat it!) offshoots. I stood and using pruning shears, and cut the little branches into smaller pieces so that they would fit in the green bin. I did this for about 45 minutes to an hour, and surprisingly I didn’t need to take any breaks. I didn’t get very dizzy and I only felt like I was going to faint for the last 10 minutes or so, but I was so close to finishing that I didn’t stop. That got me into a bit of trouble and when we came inside to get drinks after we had finished, I fell and lost vision but I don’t believe I lost consciousness. After coming home and taking a nap I woke in a decent amount of pain. My hips ached, my head hurt and my shoulders were sore but nothing a little bit of tylenol couldn’t ease. And now I sit typing to you about my eventful day. I’m glad I get to show ya’ll glimpses into my daily life and its ups and downs, it’s relaxing to write to you guys and who knows maybe my blogs will show someone that they aren’t alone in their journey.

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