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restWell, it’s a Tuesday but at least I’m writing this week.  Unfortunately these past 7 days have been quite rough on me; I’ve been struggling with a flu like virus that started out as what I thought was just extreme allergies. Within two days of the allergy symptoms, my body was sore to the touch and my throat was swollen and scratchy. I was completely wiped and could not stop coughing. All my energy was being put into recovering so I could make it to my family dinner on Saturday. I made it; but I didn’t last long and eventually got a headache from all the coughing and sniveling. The virus exasperated my dizzyness and headaches and I was and still am way disoriented and confused. I’ve thought it was a different day twice this week and I’ve been putting my medications back in the weirdest of places. I can feel myself getting over it though and I’m almost back at full speed.  It just goes to show, everyone has sick days and needs rest sometimes.

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