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Taking It Slow

Two full days since the Renaissance Festival and I’m still thoroughly exhausted. Don’t get me wrong I had a fantastic time, I love the Ren Faire and never miss out so I had decided that I’d power through.We visited all my favorite booths, the chocolate shop, the Fairehaven Greyhounds,and a new favorite a pirate shop with replica cap guns. I almost bought one; they were absolutely gorgeous.Overall it was another great Ren Faire experience. I thought I’d pay for it dearly the next day as I usually do with grand outing like this, but instead of a wild migraine for a week I received only a bad headache continuing till today. My new meds saved the day! Huzzah!  Since then I’ve been resting and catching up on my online homework, which I got behind on when I was in the hospital back in February. Taking it slow and taking lots of breaks. I can have a good time too it just might be a little different than yours.


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